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Hi! My names Kevin Stoley and I’m a Chinese American living in the The United Earth Starfleet’s Enterprise! Haha! No no I kid I kid! Though that’d be hella cool! Anyway! I’m just a 17 year old living life between school and work! I’m a pretty cool guy I’ll have you know— as I’ve been told by all the members of the DnD club I run~

Anyway, I don’t want to gloat after all~ I work at the arcade here! So I can score you free games if I like you enough!
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Send ✚ for one of my muse’s prized possessions.

I have a lot! OH man where do I begin! Lots of things
I have are collectible so I prize them all! But I guess
my favorites are a tie between my Storm trooper helmet
and my light-saber that I’ve had since I was little. It’s
actually worth a lot more now since it’s no longer made!
Which is cool but also sad! Because no I won’t drag it
around randomly for fear of breaking it!

I also collect those Pop! Bobble heads! I got one today
out of my lootcrate of Groot and it’s a loot crate exclusive!
One of it’s arms glow! It’s really cool!

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